Moogfest 2011

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On October 28-30, Brian Eno, Flaming Lips, Flying Lotus, Crystal Castles, Moon Duo, Tangerine Dream, Suicide, and dozens of other artists will switch on Asheville, North Carolina for Moogfest 2011.

Moogfest celebrates Bob Moog’s legacy as a sonic pioneer, which will be the thread that unites the festival’s rich array of musical offerings. While the wide range of Moog instruments – the Minimoog Voyager, the Little Phatty, the Etherwave Theremin, Moogerfoogers, and the Moog Guitar – will play prominent roles throughout the festival’s events, the artists performing will certainly not be limited to those who create their work on Moog instruments. Instead, artists will be chosen for their role in creating unique and groundbreaking musical experiences that embody the essence of Bob Moog’s visionary and creative spirit.

In addition to fantastic concerts by renowned performers of all kinds, Moogfest offers opportunities to engage with the artists in panel discussions, question and answer sessions, and workshops. There will also be interactive experiences for the audience to explore their own musical creativity with a variety of Moog instruments. The festival also offers visual art exhibitions, installations, and film screenings throughout the weekend.

Moogfest 2011 (Thanks, Vann Hall!)