The Age of Steam: model railroad music video by Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra

[Video Link]

If you fly Virgin America airlines sometime soon, and tune in to channel 10 on the in-flight entertainment TV dial, you'll have a chance to see some beautiful animations, short films, and music videos on the Boing Boing Video channel. One of them is this new work from Andy McNeill, who performs music as The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra, called "The Age Of Steam."

Andy describes it as "A steam-driven adventure, a tale of love and yearning propelled by a soundtrack of omnichord, brass, and dobro. And beats."

"The video was shot on location at the Model Railroad Club of Toronto," he adds, "And it was directed by my old friend Tony Coleman—Mark Frauenfelder posted about his documentary film, The Mighty Uke."

Frequent viewers of our in-flight TV channel (and readers of this blog) will also recall that I previously posted about Andy's gorgeous, psychedelic video "LookListenFeel" featuring Isabella Rossellini speaking the words of Laura Huxley. That one's worth a view now if you hadn't seen it when we hit it last year.

You can purchase the album as MP3 downloads here. I love the music as much as I love these music videos!