Rush Limbaugh explains Douglas Rushkoff to his listeners

Rush Limbaugh explains who our pal Doug Rushkoff is to his dittoheads:

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Okay, now, I found out who this Douglas Rushkoff guy is. He's a "media theorist," a media theorist, "the author of Program or be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age, and also Life, Inc.: How Corporatism Conquered the World and How We Can Take it Back." That's who has written the piece at, "Are Jobs Obsolete?" He's a "media theorist." What the hell is a "media theorist"? Now, he's got a Wikipedia entry, but everybody has a Wikipedia entry, just like everybody has a radio show. It says he was born in 1961, so he's 50. He's "an American media theorist, writer, columnist, lecturer, graphic novelist, and documentarian best known for his association with the early cyberpunk culture and his advocacy of open source solutions to social problems."

So he's a "media theorist" who writes comic books. So it's quite understandable here that CNN would give him a soapbox.

Via Dangerous Minds: Rush Limbaugh explains Douglas Rushkoff to his listeners