David Byrne's giant globe inflated under the High Line

I'm awfully envious of the folks who get to see this in person!

201109121617And here comes Byrne himself, arriving as usual by bicycle, dressed all in blue, accented by his white hair, white wristwatch, and white leather sandals. He matches the oceans and ice caps, though he insists it's a coincidence. "It's big, isn't it? It has some real mass to it," he says, pressing on the South Atlantic with both hands and considerable force. The globe has just been inflated for the first time, and he's happy with the result, which is different from the small models and renderings he'd sent off to the fabricators in Minneapolis. "It kind of looms over you. You don't get that from the drawing."

NYMag: Global Inflation – Under the High Line, David Byrne blows up the world (Photo: Danny Kim)