Cloaklet: zero-knowledge private messaging and file-transfer system

Cloaklet is a service that provides end-to-end private IM, email and file-transfer. The system uses three physically and logically separate systems, each of which has limited knowledge of what the other is doing, theoretically creating a system where there is zero knowledge — that is, where the service operator can't say who is talking to whom, what they're saying, which files they're storing, and so on.

No one has independently audited Cloaklet's design and implementation (though the company has posted its source-code), but on its face it sounds like it should be a secure and trustworthy site — that is, a site that you can trust even if its operators turn rogue or if its security is compromised or if its servers are confiscated by government, which is better than its competition, whose designs don't seem to encompass these objectives.


(Thanks, Mark!)