1937: AP claims blondes are "much more dangerous" drivers

Scott Edelman sez, "In a statement which I assume has all the scientific accuracy of phrenology, optometrist Irving Strauss was quoted in a May 1937 Associated Press article as stating that blonde drivers are 'much more dangerous' than brunettes because: 'When the lights of an oncoming car hit a drivers eyes he drives blind for a certain number of feet. It takes from one-fifth to one and one-fifth seconds to recover natural night-driving vision. Blondes with light eyes take far longer than brunettes with dark eyes and should drive much slower." But don't worry — it's not a slam against women driver — the forward-thinking doctor stated that his theory applied equally to both males and females. (I'd research this claim further, but Googling the words 'night vision blondes' only delivers links to XXX sites!)"

Optometrist says blonde drivers "much more dangerous" than brunettes

(Thanks, Scott!)