Man sentenced for threatening to eat President Obama and rape Michelle Obama

Gregory Dale Brockman, 33, was in prison for burglary when he wrote letters to the Secret Service about his desire to kill and eat President Obama and sexually assault and skin Michelle Obama. Guess what? He's still in prison. From

In an interview with Secret Service agents a few weeks later, Brockman admitted writing the letter to calm himself down. According to court papers, he told the agents he was upset about the war in Afghanistan, marijuana prohibition, and underfunding of public schools. Brockman also mentioned how he was fascinated by renowned cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, who killed 17 people and consumed several of the victims.

Brockman has also written about his bipartisan desires to kill or assault George W. Bush, Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, he was sentenced for another five years in prison on top of five years he received for threatening Bush back in 2008.

"Sentence for a plan to eat Obama: 5 years"