The Ramones at their best in London, 1977

[Video Link] Marc Campbell of Dangerous Minds writes:

If you're a regular reader of Dangerous Minds, you've probably noticed that I'm a huge Ramones fan. One of the reasons I started my own punk band in 1976 was a result of hearing The Ramones' debut album and my love for the group hasn't diminished over the years. As far as I'm concerned, they're the best rock band to appear in the past four decades. They were essential in the re-birth of rock and roll in the Seventies and their influence has been enormous on virtually every hard rock band to arise since the boys erupted on the Bowery in 1975.

Today is the seventh anniversary of Johnny Ramone's death at the far too young age of 55. Without question one of the best rock guitarists of all-time, Johnny never really got his due during his lifetime. Fortunately, that's changing.

Here's some of my favorite live footage of The Ramones. Performing in London, where they were far more appreciated than in their home country, the band tears it up at The Rainbow in 1977. 26 minutes of pure unadulterated R&R.

The British punk bands could only dream of being this great.

Johnny Ramone died seven years ago today: here's something to remember him by