Another illegal kitchen garden


UPDATE: The garden was saved!

Roger Doiron says:

This month's KGI newsletter focuses on Adam Guerrero, a gardener from Memphis, TN who is facing possible legal action for his code-violating, "nuisance" front yard garden. Adam happens to be a high school teacher who is using his garden to teach a few young men in his community about growing food, beekeeping and composting or, in other words, a true menace to society!

I know we're all pulled in 15 different directions, but if you care about gardens and have a moment to spare, I think we can win this one like we did in a similar case in Michigan earlier this summer when a mother of 4 faced a 93 day jail sentence for her garden.  But please act now: Adam has until September 23rd to dismantle his garden which means we only have 3 days to get loud.


Stand in Solidarity with Adam Guerrero