Loog guitar kits – cool 3-string instruments


Last year I wrote about Rafael Atijas' Kickstarter campaign to start a 3-string guitar kit company called Loog Guitars. Rafael was seeking $15,000, but ended up getting over $65,000.

I'm happy to report that he launched the company and is selling guitar kits. He sent me one, and it took me about 20 minutes to put together. Like I said, it's a 3-string guitar, just like many cigar box guitars, and uses open tuning, which makes it easy to play. The natural wood finish is beautiful, and the materials are very high quality. I love it the way it looks.


A complete kit costs $185, and you can buy interchangeable bodies for $99 each.

(In the upcoming issue of MAKE (Vol 28) Rafael wrote an article about starting the company.)

Loog Guitars