TRSF: MIT Technology Review's science fiction anthology

TRSF is a new science fiction anthology of original stories commissioned by Technology Review, the tech magazine published by MIT. They commissioned a story from me, "The Brave Little Toaster," and the brief asked me to look at near future science and technology issues — I tackled "The Internet of Things," and told a story about a man whose refrigerator ends up hosting an unfortunate (very unfortunate!) Internet of Things object. The book is $7.95 for pre-order.

Featuring all-new stories by a dozen of the most visionary science fiction authors writing today, TRSF takes us to 12 possible worlds of tomorrow. Inspired by the real-life breakthroughs covered by MIT's Technology Review, celebrated writers join the freshest talent from around the world to describe what the future may have in store for the Internet, biotechnology, energy, computing, and more.

Illustrated with an original cover painting by legendary sci-fi illustrator Chris Foss, the TRSF also features classic Foss covers inside its pages.

Order Today: TRSF, a Technology Review Special Publication