Glass and steel eyeball-spiders

Etsy seller hand-forges these steel spiders and makes the eyeballs they support, and describes both with a lot of verve:

I hand hammer glowing hot steel on an antique anvil and make glass eyeballs that are attached after everything cools down. This is a sturdy piece of art that looks like it walked out of a computer animation. The bends and proportions in the legs are based on research I did into the kinematics of spiders, computer animation of spiders, and lots of arachnid photos.

I hand make these one of a kind items in my shop. The glass is annealed in a digital kiln for maximum toughness. The metal work is finished with a traditional blacksmith mix of linseed oil and beeswax. These take a good sized box and are somewhat heavy so shipping is a bit steep, but I typically ship priority mail within 24 hours.

Eyeball Spider no 1 hand forged spider with glass by hotworks

(Thanks, James B!)