Ken Jennings is a Maphead and unashamed to admit it

Bob Harris says:

I've always been fascinated with maps. They're guides to whole new worlds I'd never imagine otherwise -- real, fictional, modern, ancient, or predicted. Turns out Ken Jennings (the big Jeopardy! winner, and -- full disclosure -- a buddy of mine) is a maphead of champion intensity, and he just wrote a fun new book about the world of mapmakers, geocachers, and fellow travelers. Those familiar with Ken's blog will recognize his curiosity, humor, and eye for things that are just fun to know.

Did you know why Google Earth opens where it does? Because if you zoom in fully, you'll arrive at an apartment building in Lawrence, Kansas. It's a secret tribute to Google VP Brian McClendon, who grew up in that building.

I think life is slightly better just knowing that. This is a whole book for and about people who agree.

Maphead: Charting the Weird, Wide World of Geography Wonks