Child finds jar of fingers

A 7-year-old boy in Chilly-Mazarin, France was digging in the ground behind his school when he unearthed a jar of real human fingers (not seen below). Police believe they have identified the owner of the digits and are attempting to locate him now. I guess to return them? From Reuters:


Following local media reports on the story, police received a telephone a call from a person whose grandfather, a woodworker, used to live near the gymnasium and lost four of his fingers 30 years ago in a work accident.

At the time, his fingers could not be surgically reattached so the carpenter put them in a jar full of alcohol and buried them near his home, the police spokeswoman said.

"Boy finds 30-year-old human fingers in jar"

Image: Severed finger catnip toys by Etsy seller darthrdavis