Astounding images captured by the acclaimed photographer.

Eric Hines's beautiful photos of the stars at night, such as the above, have won much acclaim. But his other landscape photos are no less spectacular. Following are a few of my favorites, reproduced here with permission.

Sun Breaking Sky (Explore)

Whiting Steel Pier (Explore)

Seeking Michigan (part 1). From the creator:

"Seeking Michigan is an ongoing personal project that I started work on in February 2013. Over the past year, I have been making trips around Michigan and up to the Upper Peninsula on a frequent basis to discover and explore the beauty of this state. Sleeping in the back of my car, walking through forests at night, getting lost on dirt roads, and driving for hours on end around this gorgeous place has been an incredible inspiration to me. So much so that I decided one piece just simply wouldn't do it for me. The goal for me in this project is to continue to see new, special things about Michigan, and share my experiences with the viewer."

Before There Were Lights (Explore)



Expedition Iceland.

"Expedition Iceland is a collection of some of my favorite shots I did around Iceland during my 17 day, 4000 mile adventure around the country during the midnight sun in June 2013. This personal piece was shot entirely using the Canon 5D Mark III and only a few different Canon lenses. I've always wanted to visit Iceland, and I had to take the opportunity when it came up. Sleeping in the passenger seat of a small SUV and living off mostly gas station food, it was all worth it. The country was absolutely stunning and I certainly hope to spend more time there again."

See more of Eric's videos on Vimeo and on Google plus, where they're in 4K resolution!

Storms Over Chicago 2010 (Revisited)

Last Light Over Devil's Tower (Revisited)