Wall Street people in suits drink champagne as protests rage

Ken Layne at Wonkette points to this provocative video. Not entirely sure of its true provenance, or who's doing what, but it's definitely struck a popular chord, and gone viral. I remember protesting on Market Street in San Francisco a decade ago or so, near financial firms, and seeing bankers and business-folk sneer and mock our ragtag hordes. Nothing new, but the champagne sure is a nice touch.

Update: In the comments, Boing Boing reader Iaian says,

i was there that day. that's cipriani, an event space just off wall street. the cops had us blocked up in the intersection outside. the people on the balcony just happened to be there, so the crowd turned its focus on them. the angrier the the people in the street seemed to get, the more pleased the people on the balcony seemed to be. i really wish i'd brought a tomato.