Pictoplasma character design convention in NYC, November 4+5, 2011

Pictoplasma is an annual conference and festival of contemporary character design and art. It will be held at Tishman Auditorium, November 4+5, 2011. Our pal, Tim Biskup, will be giving a talk there.

201110070956 The Pictoplasma Festival returns to NYC with a dense, extended weekend of inspiring artist presentations, conference lectures, animation screenings, character walk exhibitions, performances, all-night parties and of course: loads of character!

In its third US edition, the Pictoplasma Conference on November 4+5 presents a marathon of 12+ inspiring lectures, talks and panel discussions by some of the most outstanding artists and designers pushing the edge of contemporary character visualization. Among the presenters are BeatBots, creator of the social robot and pop-icon 'Keepon' (US/JP); West Coast painter Tim Biskup (USA); artist, author and product designer Jeremyville (AUS); internationally acclaimed graphic designer Geneviève Gauckler (FR); monster-mash-up specialist Joshua Ben Longo (USA); fine artist Allyson Mellberg Taylor (US); illustrator and doodle-master Jon Burgerman (UK); urban artist of uncanny street interventions Mark Jenkins (US); upcoming uber-talent Raymond Lemstra (NL); Technicolor enfants terribles Ben & Julia (FR/CH) and animation wunderkind Joel Trussell (USA).

Set as the perfect prelude to New York's Illustration Week, the presentations are accompanied by feature-length 'Characters in Motion' screenings, showcasing a selected mix of new character-driven animation, motion graphics, music videos and experimental work. New to the 2011 event is a vast program of partnering exhibitions, installations, performances, parties and art happenings throughout New York, inviting a wide, art and pop culture interested audience.