Occupy Wall Street sign of the day: Sasha, 7, painting "Homes for the Homeless"

Scott Matthews of Turnstyle tells Boing Boing:

Hi Xeni, saw your post about the signs of Occupy Wall Street, and thought I'd share ours.
Amy (Cory blogged her autism story a few weeks ago)
and I took our seven-year-old daughter Sasha to visit
Occupy Wall Street last Sunday.

She was very interested in the many signs splayed out across the
sidewalk. We spotted some people with a pile of cardboard, paint, and
brushes, and asked if we could contribute.

Sasha asked us what she should write, and we told her to write about
something that she cared about and wished could make the world a nicer
place. She was very proud to add her sign to join the rest.