How Occupy Wall Street Is Like the Internet, or a tale of a randomly-blogged funny protest sign

Conor Friedersdorf, an associate editor at The Atlantic, shares a strange but true story of how his words wound up on a protest sign 3,000 miles from his home: "How Occupy Wall Street Is Like the Internet."

The short version: over the weekend, I blogged this snapshot taken by BB reader Ben Furnas of an Occupy Wall Street protester in New York. She's cute, and she's carrying a funny sign. A friend of Conor showed him the blog post, and said (more or less): dude, Conor! that's a quote from an article you wrote! Conor is trying to track the sign-holder down, to complete this excellent meta Internet tale.

Do you know this woman?

Below is a related video by John Grace that reveals the person who made the sign.