Yachtsman eaten by cannibals. Or not.

 Images 2011 10 17 1226168 311710-Stefan-Ramin-At-A-Waterfall

In 2008, Stefan Ramin was on a global sailing trip when he and his girlfriend landed on the remote French Polynesian island of Nuku Hiva. He was never heard from again. and ashes, believing to be his, were recently found there. For some reason, it was initially reported that cannibals probably hacked up his body, ate most of it, and burned the rest. Now police are saying that, er, isn't likely. I'd agree that there's another more likely explanation. From the Courier Mail:

Police are looking for Henri Haiti, a local guide who set off on a hunting trip with Mr Ramin and then tried to sexually assault Mr Ramin's girlfriend when he returned to alert her of an apparent accident.

He tied her to a tree but she managed to escape and alert local authorities.

Haiti is still missing and is the subject of now seven-day manhunt from police and soldiers.

"Round-the-world yachtsman feared eaten by cannibals in South Pacific" (Courier Mail)

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