Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer, hacker in AT&T iPad case, on Occupy Wall Street

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In the video above: Noted troll Andrew Escher Auernheimer, aka weev of Goatse Security, on his federal case and why Occupy Wall Street matters to him: "I've had a strong decade of infuriating rich people," he says, "I am the 99%."

Among other things, weev speaks about his friend Ari Douglas. He also shares why he believes federal prosecutors want to put him in jail for exposing sloppy data security at AT&T.

Reporting security vulnerabilities is in the public interest, weev and his supporters maintain. In going after him, their argument goes, US attorneys are attempting to set a precedent that will be legally hazardous for any security researchers who reveal information that could embarrass or harm the market value of large companies.

It's a wide-ranging rant. "We have no right to eat cheese anymore!," he intones. But this time, it would appear that weev is not in it solely for the lulz. Check it out.

Background on his case at CNET, Wired, Fast Company.

(via @OccupyWallStNYC)