Jenny O. — "Well OK Honey" (MP3)

201110192048Sound It Out #3: Jenny O. — "Well OK Honey"
It's not easy to find information about Jenny O. Her bio tells us that her father is a scientist/wedding singer and that she began playing music at an early age. That's pretty much it.

Mysterious origins aside, "Well OK Honey" is the rare song that is both incredibly groovy and packs an emotional punch. It's written from the perspective of a wise beyond-her-years teenage girl to her age-inappropriate lover.  Jenny's voice is sultry and bluesy as she sings "I am a child…you have a child." Boogie style guitars, maracas, handclaps and a couple of strangely-paced solos add to the hard-to-categorize awkward/hot tone. This could be a strong contender for wrongest strip club song of the year.

Jenny O.'s debut album is rumored to come out sometime in 2012.

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