Scenes From a Multiverse: wicked webcomic mixes science, net.humor, high weirdness

Scenes from a Multiverse, the delightfully weird webcomic from John Rosenberg (creator of the transcendently bizarre Goats, is now available in book form. Rosenberg created Scenes as a more accessible alternative to Goats, whose convoluted storylines, while immensely entertaining (and mindbending) required quite a commitment to follow. By contrast, Scenes mostly takes the form of stand-alone one-page scenes from various parallel dimensions (though there are some multi-installment stories that revisit some of the deeper weird beloved by Goats aficionados). Rosenberg's humor blends science, high weirdness and pop culture in a mix that is not quite like any other, and I could read him all day long. See below for some of my favorite strips from the collection.