The Unconsumption Project

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Our friend Rob Walker, author of Buying In and a contributor at Design Observer, has spun off another brilliant branch of the Unconsumption Project:


The Unconsumption project that I co-founded, which is based around a group Unconsumption Tumblr and focuses on mindful consumption and creative reuse, has embarked on a really cool side project that we're calling The Uncollection. On some level it is an experiment in "branding" used stuff — breathing new life into old things with the (snazzy) Unconsumption logo. We're not selling anything, of course (Unconsumption is a strictly volunteer effort) — it's a "brand" with no products.

Basically Clifton Burt designed the logo, and we put it under a Creative Commons license that allows others to use it. And we've invited a series of very cool crafter/artists to do just that — and to offer how-tos as well. Tiffany Threadgould, Diane Gilleland, and Betsy Greer are among the participants so far, and most recently Garth Johnson (Extreme Craft) did a rather astonishing project that put our logo onto some secondhand art deco plates. The Uncollection so far is here.

There's more to come, but meanwhile I am now officially trying to drum up attention, because we want people to submit their own Uncon logo (re-)uses to our Facebook page.

The Uncollection