Flame Effects Workshop Weekend in Los Angeles, Nov 5 & 6


Lee Sonko of The Crucible industrial arts center in Oakland, CA is conducting a flame effects workshop in Los Angeles. Looks great!

In this hands-on weekend-long intensive class you will learn how to make safe, effective and beautiful propane flame effects art. You will learn many different ways of manipulating fire in sculpture including accumulator "poofer" effects, plumbing, ignitors, fuels, colorants, and actuators including electronic controls. We will design and build flame effects sculptures in class and get hands-on, flame-on experience with the sculptures created. Possible projects include a bucolic sand fire pit, a hand-operated fire torch, a giant "poofer", and other creations. At the end of this weekend, you will know how to use fire in entirely new ways.

All of the parts needed to build your flame effects devices are provided. At the end of class, you will take home something awesome to show wide-eyed friends and family.

Requirements: Participants must wear natural fiber clothing and not be squeamish about loud noises. Participants must be 16 or older unless special permission is given.
>P>Instructor Lee Sonko is the Head of the Kinetics and Electronics Department at The Crucible in Oakland, CA where he teaches classes including Mechanical Sculpture, Arduino Microcontrollers, and Flame Effects. Lee is a founding member of OrbSWARM, a San Francisco based mechatronic art robot group. He is a member of the Flaming Lotus Girls, a large scale Bay Area fire art collaborative. He is also a teacher, student, hacker, baker, and geek.

Flame Effects Workshop Weekend in Los Angeles, Nov 5 & 6