Mystery feet identified

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Vintage plastic foot charms, via The Girl Can't Help It

As regular BB readers know, Mark and I have been fascinated by the dozen or so mystery feet that have washed up on the shores of Canada's Pacific coast over the last few years. Another pair has been identified through DNA matching. Apparently, they belonged to a woman who committed suicide in 2004 by jumping off a bridge in New Westminster, British Columbia. From ABC News:

Canadian authorities have said that the eight feet in their province are most likely the result of suicide bridge-jumpers in the area's many water-ways. After being submerged in water and strong currents, bodies begin to deteriorate, leading to the separation of foot from leg.

Police say the buoyant, lightweight sneakers found on most of the feet account for the recent trend: as the feet separate from the body, the sneakers carry them up to the surface, where they then wash ashore. Heavier sneakers and shoes sink to the bottom.

The BC Coroners Service has now positively identified six of the feet as belonging to four individuals.

"Feet That Washed Ashore in Northwest Identified"