Mummies and Monkey Skulls: ‘Oddities’ Host Ryan Matthew Cohn on the creepiest antiques

Ben Marks of Collector's Weekly says: "We published an article about Ryan Matthew Cohn's jones for bones. It's got videos from the Oddities show and lots of cool photos of goat-skull chandeliers and Beauchene skulls (skulls that have been exploded so you can see how they go back together)."


“One of the things I do in my art is a reiteration of what was done in the Victorian era, what’s referred to as exploded Beauchene skulls,” Cohn says, who explains they were named after 19th century French anatomist Claude Beauchene.

“Those early skull models that were collected by world travelers and used at schools were based on Beauchene’s work. For my own artwork, I am always looking for pathological skulls that might have had a disease or something that makes them different from any other skull that I’ve seen.”

Mummies and Monkey Skulls