Ford reintroduces the 1965 Mustang


A pricey, but cool, offering for Mustang aficionados.

Ford Motor Co. will soon sell brand-new 1965 Ford Mustangs for just $15,000 each. The only hitch: There's some assembly required.

As part of its Ford Reproduction business, Ford revealed today it had approved a new stamping of the steel bodies for first-generation Mustang that buyers could then build into their own 1964 1/2 through 1966 Mustang, using whatever engine, axles, interior and other parts they can find on their own.

I wonder why Ford doesn't also offer the 1965 Mustang, fully-made? Surely they'd sell a bunch at any reasonable price.

Ford reintroduces the 1965 Mustang (Thanks, Dan!)