Fresh German police-malware uncovered; everything the police said in defense to date revealed as lies

More revelations on the official police-spread malware that Germany's Chaos Computer Club discovered in the wild and reverse engineered: pretty much everything the German police said in their defense turns out to be a lie. Another trojan has been uncovered, and it confirms the German police's depraved indifference and incompetence in their cyberwar efforts.

The excuses vary from "trial" to "prototype", DigiTask still insisted on October 11th 2011 to its governmental customers, that almost all problems are being solved in newer versions. The manufacturer DigiTask and the authorities view the functionality of code-reloading as a "natural need", for which the implication of fundamental rights violation is relative in any way. It serves a purpose, and therefore the aim justifies the means.

Therefore, the CCC now presents a more detailed technical documentation of a newer version of the "Staatstrojaner" from the year 2010.[3] The testimony of DigiTask [10] is the basis of a detailed report that serves as a euphemistic attempt to conceal its illegal nature. At the same time, both disassembled versions of the Trojan, commented by the CCC, were made publicly available in order to ensure the traceability of the findings and to facilitate further research by interested parties. [4]

„Even during the last three years, the authorities and their providers were clearly not capable of developing a "Staatstrojaner" which would meet the minimum of requirements for juridical evidence, basic law compliance and security against manipulation", a CCC spokesperson summed up about the new findings. "By these concrete and principal reasons, it is logical not to expected that this would succeed in the future."

Chaos Computer Club analyzes new German government spyware