Pictures of people about to smash something but they obviously aren't really

Angry woman smashing a laptop computer against the wall by Edw

Doctor at his desk, smashing hammer on computer, frustrated by Patrick Hermans

Woman holding hammer over piggy bank by Media Bakery13

Guitar player attempting to destroy his instrument , over white by Viorel Sima

Angry business woman about to demolish her laptop with a hammer by stryjek

Mad IT worker repairing computer circuits by hammer by Nomad_Soul

Girl's foot in sandals by UrosK

Angry businessman smashing his laptop on the table by Catalin Petolea

angry #7, by Artpose Adam Borkowski

Man smashing telephone with a hammer by Benjamin Mercer

Attractive executive business woman working on a laptop computer frustrated with work by Ken Hurst

All images courtesy of Shutterstock.