Asking an Oakland PD officer why he's hidden his badge

These upstanding citizens noticed that an Oakland PD officer had hidden his badge, so they calmly, peacefully confronted him about this, escalating to his supervisor when he wouldn't respond.

This how to properly engage with police when they do suspicious things. We were riding by on bikes and noticed hes hiding his name and has no badge number. SO we decided to ask him. He did not answer, we asked a ranking officer is that policy? The LT. quickly went about fixing his attitude. This is a common practice among cops at occupy's around the US .That way he/she cannot be named or referenced if he participates in police miss-conduct . Its in most police departments policies that all officers in uniform must show some form of identification. OPD does not wear badges with #'s, how do we hold anyone accountable?

We ask a OPD officer why he had his name badge covered….