Romenesko resigns from Poynter

Poynter reports that Jim Romenesko has resigned from his long-running series of daily online reports about the business and culture of news. Apparently this was the result of some kind of weird conflict over attribution in his posts. I don't really get it, but I have long been a fan of his pioneering style of short-form news aggregation, and I don't understand why he was made to feel unwelcome at Poynter after 12 long years of great work. There's a New York Times interview here.

In an interview this summer, Mr. Romenesko, 58, described how he was looking forward to leaving aggregation behind to get back to reporting, the reason he became a journalist in the first place. His new site,, will still cover media but will also touch on other topics he is interested in, like food, finance and real estate.

"I'm not going to be doing three-sentence summaries of other people's work. That's behind me," he said in the summer.

UPDATE: Choire's post is the must-read. Romenesko's blog started in *1999*, man. And the old format worked great. Sometimes, it's best not to mess with what works.