OccupyLondon members evicted from St Paul's memorial services

OccupyLondon protesters who attempted to attend services at St Paul's cathedral on Memorial Day were ejected by private security forces who told them they were not welcome at St Paul's as there was royalty in attendance and "other churches will have you lot." Church officials expressed dismay at the news and have vowed to investigate.

"Some St Paul's workers and men in pinstripe suits and ear microphones came over and asked what we were doing. Jim wanted to talk to Canon Michael [Colclough]. I told them I wasn't there as a protester. I took off all my badges. I told them I had come as a member of the public."

She said: "They told me I couldn't be there because I was a member of Occupy London. They couldn't have protesters there. I said I had dead to mourn, and they replied they had royalty in the cathedral."

The 33-year-old, who is Christian, said she approached cathedral staff to ask for help. "What they said is that other churches will have you lot. I'm always in and out of the cathedral. I'm terribly distressed – they are ripping my faith away from me.

Occupy London protesters say they were asked to leave St Paul's services