In yet another midnight police raid, Occupy Dallas eviction under way

"Dozens of Dallas Police officers holding shields, batons and wearing helmets about to enter the #Occupy camp," tweets WFAA (Dallas, TX) reporter Jason Whitely.

By various reports, about 50 Occupy Dallas protestors are gathered. Police are in riot gear.

Media were ordered by police to move away from the camp (at a distance that would make direct observation impossible), or face arrest along with protesters, according to various sources.

The camp wasn't all that big, compared to other cities, really. One WFAA reporter says she's covered the Dallas police department for 8 years, and she's never seen this scope of police action. Describes it as an "unusual show of force." So does a city councilwoman, according to local NBC affiliate reporter Amanda Guerra.

Dallas councilwoman Angela Hunt says police response is "vast overkill." says council received notice just before 12am

The Occupiers must have had something really dangerous on-site, like books.