Occupy Wall Street Occupies Wall Street: #N17

[Video Link] to a "The other 99%" livestream of history unfolding on Wall Street this morning in New York City. Today, OWS participants called for marches throughout the world. Protesters in NYC have come out in such force, with some crowd estimates at 1,000-3,000, that multiple entrances to the Wall Street area have been shut down. Now, they are going to try to enter and occupy the NYSE.

A retired police sergeant from Philadelphia is said to be among the more than 50 already arrested (possibly this man?). Other credible arrest reports I've seen include vets, activists, elderly, multiple minors, and a woman in a wheelchair: (police couldn't figure out how to get her to jail, so they gave her a citation, says Michael Moore.) LRAD are present and in use. Reports of widespread arrests, and some violence by police, in live-tweeted reports from journalists and observers I'm following on Twitter.

Some accounts to follow from people who are there, right now: @quinnnorton @macfathom @nicoles @NYClu @lucykafanov @newyorkist @katz @JoshHarkinson @PennyRed @allisonkilkenny, @adamgabbatt, @_rosiegray @jeffrae, @mtracey, @nydailynews, @michelleinbklyn, @elliotjustin, @timkarr. Oh, and @mmflint.

The Occupy Wall Street librarians tweet: "Nothing is more telling than the full force of the NYPD guarding the Temples of Finance one day after they destroyed #OWSLibrary. #N17"

Liveblogs: Greg Mitchell at The Nation. Here is the liveblog from The Guardian. The NY Daily News has a liveblog here.

More live video feeds below.

Watch live streaming video from globalrevolution at livestream.com

Watch live streaming video from owsnyc at livestream.com