Rear-view mirror with built-in GPS, hands-free phone, camera, and video screen

Chinavision's "Complete Car Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Kit" is a replacement rear-view mirror that can play videos (including a video-feed from a rear-mounted parking camera), display status-messages from your phone, provide turn-by-turn GPS, and otherwise distract and delight drivers in ways ranging from useful to suicidal.

Entertainment while you wait: Stuck in traffic, waiting to pick up your kid from school, or just plain bored in the car? Well this handy Rearview Mirror has something for everyone and includes high resolution video playback, speakers for music playback, and plenty of entertaining touchscreen games!

If that sounds a little dangerous, don't worry — it's "designed with your safety in mind."

Complete Car Bluetooth Rearview Mirror Kit (Touchscreen, GPS, DVR, Wireless Camera, Media Player)

(via OhGizmo)