Every Beatles song ever, all played at once: All Together Now

All Together Now – Everything the Beatles ever did. by ramjac

Ramjac, a British DJ, has produced a mashup of the whole Beatles catalogue. Ramjac's mix, "All Together Now," layers every single Beatles song atop one another, in reverse order of length, so that for the first few seconds, all you hear is "Revolution 9" (the longest song in the songbook), then "Hey Jude" atop it, and "She's So Heavy," and then more and more, until it crashes all together at the last note, with 226 tracks all colliding.

It's more conceptually interesting than musically enjoyable. Hank Handy's 40-track Beatles mashup is a better choice if that's what you're after.

ramjac's sounds on SoundCloud

(via DVICE)