Realistically-encumbered adventurers

Of the many absurdities that have become conventions in computer role-playing games, the nigh-unlimited inventory–packed with items that are not visible[1] on your character's person–is my favorite. Trained as we are to see every last scrap of leather as a potential Chekov's Gun, the results in otherwise realistic sandbox games can get … ridiculous.

Nintendo artists' willing portrayal of gear-yoked adventurers (right), even in decidedly unrealistic games, is to be commended.

Their officially-overloaded Link, however, clearly has a magically-reinforced spine, so I prefer WakaBee's more convincingly weighed version (above), who looks quite ready for a visit to a deep-pocketed fence, then onward to a chiropractor.

The artist is accepting commissions.

Redditor TarBarrel spotted this pic by Steve Prescott, featuring a dungeon-explorer likewise equipped for the long haul.

This fellow (from somewhere at Wizards of the Coast) has no idea how impractical his taste in equipment is, but at least he is clearly suffering the consequences.

Bethsoft games, packed with pocketable clutter of every description, are the center of the "why the hell are you carrying that?" universe. This pic by ~Edge-Works depicts the hypothetical application of gravity to a typical load from Fallout 3.

Christ, is that it? Internet, tell me of other pics of realistically-encumbered adventurers so that I may add them to this page.

UPDATE: Missed this fantastic and heavily-burdened Link by Ape Lad!

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1. The conceptual "Bag of Holding" is a cop-out. Even the sciencey nullentropy ones in the Dune Universe. Sorry, but it is.