Game Boy Super Mario recreated with 18 million Minecraft blocks

A trio of Ur-nerds have recreated the Game Boy's Super Mario Land using Minecraft. They laid 18 million blocks to accomplish the feat. It took 500 hours.

Each image is a masterpiece in block placement, dropping dyed wool blocks in the game's creative mode within the frame of a massive Game Boy created in the virtual world. The Game Boy's screen is 160 blocks across and 144 blocks tall. That means it takes 23,040 blocks to fill the screen, each representing a single pixel in the game.

James Wright, a 21-year-old British carpenter who lives in England, and Joe Ciappa, an unemployed 29-year-old living in the U.S…

About that time another player, 29-year-old Tempusmori, who lives in the Netherlands, had the idea to make a full-sized, 1:1 Game Boy in Minecraft.

"The Game Boy allowed us to pretty much recreate any original Game Boy game," he said…

"What you see is 100 percent Minecraft," Wright said. "Every pixel on the screen is one wool block. The screen itself is on a giant Game Boy. We build each screen take a screenshot from above. After the picture we move everything that needs moving for the next screen and repeat."

Three Guys, 18 Million Blocks, One Unbelievable Minecraft Video