Hot for Teacher: Criminalizing Sex Between Legal Adults?! Nanny of the Month November 2011

[Video Link] Ted Balaker says:

The Nanny of the Month Award goes to the Wolverine State pol whose so-called "Hot for Teacher" bill could end up criminalizing sex between consenting adults of legal age.

The ban on teacher-student sex (even if both are older than 18 and consenting) hasn't received much media attention thus far. Supporters say teachers have authority over their students, and that should make age beside the point. But that raises other questions about "authority" (boss-employee, etc), not to mention the massive overkill involved (a 30-year-old adult education teacher could potentially receive 15 years in prison for having sex with a 30-year-old student).

And if and when these relationships are deemed inappropriate why is it necessary to criminalize them? Can't schools set their own rules and reprimand employees without throwing them in prison?

This month's nannies also include drug warriors who are hyping fears about "digital" drugs (i.e. not actual physical substances) and fat warriors who are using a talking plate (introducing Mandometer!) to pester chubby folks into eat properly.

Presenting's Nanny of the Month for November 2011: Michigan State Sentator Roger Kahn!