Sponsor Shout-Out: Watchismo

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Watchismo is introducing new collections from 01 The One Watches and Nixon Watches. There is nothing quite like the 01 The One Spinning Disc Watches out there. These unusual timepieces look amazing on the wrist; a blend of digital and analog displays featuring vertical hour and minute digits that distort to fit into the viewing area. Both are anchored by a bullseye center disc dial with a fixed seconds hand, and a perpetually-rotating disc underneath it.

Watchismo also has the latest Nixon Watches, launching the Nixon Ride Watches. The casing is about as solid as they come, and the stainless steel finish is custom-treated to have an otherworldly texture.

And wood! Nixon has always blended raw natural materials with heavy duty stainless steel construction. The latest and most perfect examples are part of the black steel collection including the Nixon Rotolog Dark Wood, Nixon Spencer Dark Wood and Nixon 51-30 Dark Wood watches.

Just for BoingBoing readers, take an additional 10% off any of these watches. Use code BOINGIFT10 at checkout to redeem.