DoS for phones: "busy signal service" clobbers the phone-lines of companies while their servers are being plundered

Brian Krebs reports on a new cybercrime service that will max-out a company's switchboard with fake phone calls as a diversionary tactic while their servers are being plundered:

For just $5 an hour, or $40 per day, you can keep anyone’s phone so tied up with incoming junk calls that the number is unable to receive legitimate calls.

The seller offers discounts for frequent buyers of his service, and promises that each call to the targeted number will appear to come from a unique phone number, thereby foiling any efforts to block the bogus calls by caller ID. The vendor also is offering this service under escrow payment, which many fraud forums use to ensure both parties to a transaction are happy before payment is rendered.

Busy Signal Service Targets Cyberheist Victims