Oh dreydl dreydl dreydl, I printed you with a wire-extruding Makerbot! And when the patents expire, I'll print you again with powder deposition technology!

In the event that you found a 3D printer under the Hannukah bush this year, here's a shapefile for a 3D printable dreydl to run off to your heart's content, courtesy of Zydac.

As it gets to the candle-lighting hour here on the East Coast, it really feels like (C)Hanu(k)kah 2k11 is going to be a good one. And what's the number one accessory for the festival of lights?

OK, well, yes, candles. But the number two accessory is definitely the dreidel! And thanks to the prolific Zydac, Thingiverse has a lovely example to help share out the gelt.

Well done, Thingiverse! Now what about some printable latkes?

Happy Hanukkah: Dreidel by Zydac « MakerBot Industries