Load DRM-free media on the Kindle Fire with Miro

Nicholas from the Participatory Culture Foundation:

Although Amazon tries to push their users towards DRM’ed media, the
new Kindle Fire can in fact play your DRM free videos, if you can
get them on there. Amazon doesn’t make it easy to convert and sync
videos and music to your device without going through their
servers, but a new version of Miro, released today, does just that.

First, Download Miro.

Second, plug in your Kindle Fire with a USB cable and it will
appear in the Connect tab in Miro.

Third, drag any videos or music to the Kindle and they will convert
and sync. That's it!

Note that videos that aren’t purchased from Amazon will appear in
the ‘Gallery’ app on your Kindle, not in the ‘Video’ tab.

Miro is free and open-source software, so if you'd like to help it
reach more devices and add more syncing features, you can <a
the project here.

(Disclosure: I am proud to volunteer on the board of the Participatory Culture Foundation)