Hugo nominations ballot is open

The Hugo Award nominations are open. Attendees of last year's World Science Fiction in Reno and next year's WorldCon in Chicago (as well as those who paid for "supporter" status) can nominate their favorite science fiction and fantasy stories, books, movies and other media for one of the most prestigious awards in the field.

Just in case you were wondering, my eligible publications for the year are:

* "Knights of the Rainbow Table," novella (Intel, 2011)
* "Martian Chronicles," novella (Life on Mars, 2011)

* "Shannon's Law," novelette, (Welcome to Bordertown, 2011)
* "Clockwork Fagin," novelette (Steampunk!, 2011)
* "Another Place, Another Time, short story (The Chronicles of Harris Burdick, 2011)
* "Brave Little Toaster," short story (TRSF, 2011)
* "Authorised Domain," short story (podcast, 2011)
* Context, related book (Tachyon, 2011)
* The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, related book (PM Press, 2011)

2012 Hugo Award and John W. Campbell Award Nominating Ballot