From The Mouth Of The Sun: lovely droning ambience

 021 Explp021-M

From The Mouth Of The Sun – Like Shadows In An Empty Cathedral* by experimedia

From The Mouth of The Sun lie somewhere on the ambient spectrum near Eno's Music for Airports and Tim Hecker's (stunning) Ravedeath, 1972. Their debut, "Woven Tide," is available later this month from Experimedia. The music can also be heard in the soundtrack for Remember Me, My Ghost, a new film by Ross McDonnell and Carter Gunn, directors of the hive death documentary Colony. That film was scored by Kansas-based composer Aaron Martin who, with Swedish musician Dag Rosenqvist, make up From The Mouth Of The Sun. From The Mouth Of The Sun: Woven Tide

UPDATE: Thanks to Experimedia's Jeremy Bible for giving us an embed code to hear the full album, below!