Sheriff deputy punches mentally challenged woman in head, allegedly threatens man who taped it

[Video Link] On Monday night, Jermaine Green, a recently returned US Army veteran (who served tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan), videoed an LA County Sheriff Deputy strike a mentally handicapped woman in the head. The incident took place on a city bus. The deputy then approached Green and ordered Green to hand over his cell phone. Green refused. He told TV news:

"He comes to me and says, 'Look, you can be under arrest if you don't give me that video.' And then he said, 'Do you have any warrants?'

"I said, 'No, I don't have any warrants. I'm a veteran. I just came back, I did six years, I have no record.'

"And he said, 'Well, we'll see about that.'"

The reporter asks Green why he didn't want to hand his phone over to the deputy. He said,

"I think they would try to cover it up. A lot of stuff gets covered up, and I think some people need to come forward when they see something and report it because it can't be fixed unless it's brought to the public's attention."

YouTube removed the above TV news segment, not on copyright claims, but because it says the video contains "hate speech." I watched the video twice and didn't see any evidence of hate speech. I only saw a deputy hit a mentally challenged woman in the head with his elbow, and a US Army vet calmly explaining why he thought this was wrong.