60 senators won't meet with activists to talk about PIPA: will yours? Call in & ask them to reconsider!

Fight for the Future has compiled a list of 61 senators who won't meet with them to discuss PIPA (the Senate version of the Stop Online Piracy Act) before Jan 24, when a critical vote will take place. These senators won't sit down with them, nor will they assign a staffer to do so. Fight for the Future (who run the Stop Censorship site and coordinated many of the major, net-wide actions on SOPA and PIPA) are asking constituents of these senators to call in and demand that their representatives meet with the activists.

They've already gotten satisfaction from Rhode Island senator Jack Reed. One down, sixty to go — please go see if your senator is on the list and take two minutes to call in and ask for a hearing on this vital issue.

The January 24th Senate vote is our best chance to stop SOPA. The EFF, Public Knowledge, Demand Progress, CDT, and anti-SOPA lobbyists all agree on this.

So together we've been organizing meetings with Senators in their home districts. The Senate's in recess until the 23rd, so it's the perfect opportunity for a) a local show of force and b) actually convincing Senators that these bills are flawed.

Here's the problem: the following Senate offices are ignoring our requests for meetings before the 24th. It's not just that the senators are busy; we're asking for meetings with staffers too.

Redditors! Can you call the offices below and ask them to meet with us? Even if your state isn't on this list, calls are helpful. It's fine (and encouraged!) to call the entire list. Be polite, but insist that the senator or staff members meet with concerned constituents.

These 61 Senators are refusing to meet with their constituents before the critical Jan 24 vote on PIPA/SOPA. Oh Reddit, can you call them?