How "idealization" of women in comics differs from idealization of male characters

Debates over the "idealization" and objectification in the portrayal of women in comics are often met with a reflexive response: "Men are idealized in comics, too!" It's true, they are. But there's different sorts of idealization, as this series of gender-flipped illustrations from Megan Rosalarian shows.

Dudes, I want you to imagine a world where most of the portrayals of your gender in comics look like the above. Are you going to think “Well, I really like the stories so I’ll just suck it up and read this anyway”? Or are you going to be alienated from reading most comics? Be honest. Are you willing to stare at that much thrusting crotch just to find out if Spiderman is gonna win?

Lots of people in the comics business look at their demographic breakdown and think women don’t like superheroes. The creator of DC Women Kicking Ass made a very apt point when she said, “Let me put it this way, if you keep keeping putting food on a kid’s plate and they don’t eat you do you assume they don’t like to eat or they don’t like the food? Right.”

Women like comics. And not just flowery manga and autobio stuff. We like superheroes.

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