Massive sugarcube architectural sculptures

Brendan Jamison sculpts intricate buildings from hundreds of thousands of sugar cubes. Above is "Eastbourne Tower," built from more than 250,000 cubes. From BBC News:

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Brendan's interest in architecture began in childhood. He was always a 3-D thinker, he said, and there was one toy he loved above all others.

"I was always in my room building Lego models," he said.

"I built spaceships and castles but I never bothered with the instructions… I just built whatever I could think of in my mind."

...He came to sugar after a brief dalliance with Smarties - and was attracted by how he could cut and carve the cubes.

"There was more freedom in working with them," he explained.

"I was attracted by the beautiful sparkles on the sugar cubes. It is a beautiful finish, you can see the fairytale sparkle in the natural light."

"Artist's Downing Street sculpture fashioned from 5,117 cubes"

Brendan Jamison Sugarcube Sculptures